CeBe Group is an organisation with diverse interests across multiple sectors, with an intercontinental operational base spanning Africa, Europe and Asia.

Our vision is to become a leading brand in the African Continent, and a one-stop-shop as a quality solutions provider for the prevailing issues that commonly plagues the citizenry in those communities.

CeBe Group is principally involved in Pest Control, Agriculture and Food Processing, Construction and Real Estate, Hospitality, Resort, Hotel and Tourism, Manufacturing of Household Goods and Building materials, General Merchandise, Waste Management and Renewable Energy, Imports and Export, Information and Communication Technology, just to mention a few.


  • There is only one boss in our company, the name is, “Customer”. They can make or break everybody in the company from the top down, simply by spending their money elsewhere. Therefore, our sole aim is to put our Customers first.
  • A critic is a potential Customer we haven’t met, and there isn’t any hope in sight to meet them.
  • Through its subsidiaries, CeBe International Ltd, and a network of affiliates – we are challenging previously engrained stereotypes and fostering a mind-set of self-sufficiency throughout the African Continent.
  • CeBe Group is creating initiatives that serves the interests of communities, stakeholders and the people we serve.
  • We achieve this by executing projects and establishing businesses that have social undertones and community focused, whilst striking the fine balance of the viability requirement as a private company.

Our Strategy:

High on our priority list is harnessing the youthful workforce of the African population, by building manufacturing capacity and innovations that creates employment and reduces wastage.

This, in part, will also tackle the issue of the African youth seeking greener pastures in the West, sometimes, taking dangerous routes to Europe that leads to fatalities amongst a long list of other vices – with a potential of lasting mental, physical and social scares to these youths, their immediate families and communities.

We achieve this by processing our raw materials into finished consumable products for both local and export markets. That is, increase local value addition, whilst tackling the issue of capital flight which is currently at endemic levels.

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